Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bobby 'B' Boy Exclusive!

Hi peeps, here's an exclusive glimpse on set of Bobby 'B' Boy's new single. I was lucky enough to photograph the shoot last Wednesday. Look out for this artist. His lyrics are more dangerous than bullets and he should know - he's been shot no less than 51 times in 1 sitting! Here are some words from the press pack:

"Catch the new single from Bobby 'B' Boy: Flip My Ass on My Bitch Side - Out Monday. Here's a selection of shots from the 'This Dollar Aint A Bill' Photo shoot. Currently touring sold out shows in Luxemburg, Denmark and Isle of Man (tickets still available everywhere else).

Catch the new White-Rap-Sensation heralded as the "Vanilla Ice of the Noughties"

Brap Brap!"